Monday, December 15, 2008

Artist Statement

In these paintings I straddle the boundry between fantasy and reality to explore a particular memory of a moment or an event, which is about to take place or just has.
I am most interested in the suggestion of narrative possibilities than in clearly resolved linear narratives.

The work is process oriented. Each step points to the next mark or shape allowing further growth and deviations to occur. Objects float in layers, moving backwards and forwards from recognizable images to the obscure.

My intension in these paintings is to create a space where a question is asked, a thought is evoked and the imagination is engaged.

My work resonates with unspoken conflicts and dream imagery. In their gestures, the characters express something that begs for resolution. Tension exists between them and the often banal backgrounds; the viewer is engaged by the perception of what may be their next step.

There is an undercurrent; sometimes delightful, sometimes menacing, which combines with the viewer’s own history to create a subtle yet macabre ambiance.